Green is good. Greenboat is better.


It’s becoming less and less popular to have big luxury motor yachts. They look increasingly self-indulgent, environmentally unfriendly and out of sync with the times we live in.

On the other hand, sailing boats are in. They’re greener and they seem more romantic than plutocratic. But they’re not comfortable.

This is why catamarans are becoming so fashionable. They combine the space and comfort of a motor yacht with the authenticity of a sailing boat.

A 50ft+ catamaran is extremely stable and it can do 20 knots in a good wind or 10-11 knots running on engine power using 10-12 litres of fuel an hour (compared with 60 litres or more per hour in a motor yacht). This means you can sail 240 nautical miles in a day or more; a good range. Even if a high sea they’re comfortable. You can put glasses on the table, even in strong force 5 or 6 breeze.

We’re already seeing a lot of announcements in this area but I think we have a unique and compelling story.

Green is good but it’s not enough. Owners are looking for automation, comfort, safety and enjoyment. At Greenboats, we’re pioneering the kind of technology that will turn a regular catamaran into an environmentally-sensitive, technology-enhanced luxury yacht.

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