Automate your yacht like rapper P. Diddy

Rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has completely automated his new luxury yacht “Solemates” with 14 iPads to control just about everything on board – including all on-board entertainment, climate settings, lights and blinds. In fact, P. Diddy’s iPad can even summon the crew to bring refreshments to passengers while all guests on board are given their very own iPad to use for the duration of any cruise.


However and if you want to completely automate your catamaran, don’t expect to visit the Apple app store to download a few apps anytime soon. Instead, GreenCat customers who choose the Green Tech Yacht Automation Option will not only get the benefits of automation, they will also receive a unique remote control system that comes with automatic health checks to make your boat both safer and more reliable. Moreover, the system will detect problems before you arrive at the marina – meaning you won’t waste your time preparing for a sail only to discover that your boat is not as prepared as you are.

Specific components or options in the GreenCat automation package include the following:

  • Boat automation central.
  • Bridge to navigation systems.
  • Boat sensor package that covers water, temperature, humidity, power, engine and air conditioning.
  • Self health check system.
  • Remote control system.
  • Camera systems for engine rooms and bilges.
  • Underwater camera.
  • Lighting system with dimmers and LED.

Just like P. Diddy, you can control GreenCat’s system on board using notebooks or tablet PCs or even remotely from home. However and unlike P. Diddy’s boat, which reportedly costs as much as $850,000 a week to operate and maintain, a GreenCat boat or the Green Tech Yacht Automation Option won’t break the bank.

(Hat Tip CEPro)