Best of the Web: Green boat and yachting news


Going retro to create a green cargo ship

An article on has mentioned how UK renewable energy firm B9 Shipping is going retro when it comes to designing fossil free cargo ships. Specifically, B9 Shipping’s idea is to create cargo ships with electronically-controlled sails that will eliminate the need for large crews and complicated rigging. The ships will also be equipped with energy-efficient Rolls Royce engines that are fuelled by biogas.


Update about the upcoming America’s Cup in San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle has recently provided an update about the upcoming America’s Cup that the city will be hosting next summer. It was noted that on December 1, the final environmental analysis of the America’s Cup spanning a total of eight volumes was released and race organizers are confident that its “thorough enough to withstand a lawsuit…..”

America’s Cup foes lack support

In addition and in a city where Happy Meals and paper shopping bags can lead to protests and strong opposition, the San Francisco Chronicle’s America’s Cup blog has pointed out that a University of San Francisco poll found support at nearly 80% among residents – despite the fact that a small group of activists have filed an appeal to try and stop everything.

The first zero carbon superyacht tender

If you are feeling guilty that your superyacht is not eco-friendly enough, the Emax Super Marine 45 is being touted as the world’s first zero carbon superyacht tender as its equipped with a GM Allison Hybrid Transmission that consumes 40% less fuel or it can be powered on a 32KWh Lithium UPS at speeds of 25 knots. Guilt though is costly, as the Emax Super Marine 45 will set you back between €605,000 ($810,125) and €645,000 ($863,690) depending on the variant.

New crewed yacht charter for Tahiti

MSNBC has mentioned that the Moorings luxurious Crewed Yacht Charter vacation option in Tahiti is now available aboard their spacious Moorings Signature 18 meter (58 foot) catamaran. The new addition to The Moorings Tahiti fleet offers guests three luxurious guest staterooms with private en-suite baths while an all-inclusive vacation includes gourmet chef-prepared meals, a premium full bar and plenty of water toys.

The Robb Report’s 21 ultimate gifts

Near the end of every year, the Robb Report comes out with an “Ultimate Gifts” issue of exclusive gift ideas with the latest issue featuring a superyacht built by Italy’s Perini Navi and designed by Philippe Briand that starts at just $130 million (€100 million) for the 73 meter (240 foot) version. No word on an after holiday discount!