Aston Martin boat concept


Aston Martin is the latest luxury brand to join the likes of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Lancia to lend its brand name to high-performance boats or yacht concepts. Specifically, Luiz de Basto, a Miami-based custom yacht designer, has recently unveiled the Aston Martin Voyage 55’ motor yacht.

Inspired by Aston Martin vehicles such as the DBS, Rapide, Vantage and Virage, the Aston Martin Voyage 55’ motor yacht concept was put together in order to see whether the Aston Martin’s signature luxury car design could be turned into a luxury boat.

The result? A boat whose lines, lights, ventilation and decorative details all reflect the Aston Martin automotive design and heritage.

Unfortunately, the Aston Martin Voyage 55’ motor yacht concept will remain just that, a yachting concept. While de Basto has obtained Aston Martin’s permission to use its brand name for his boating concept, there are no plans to put the boat into production.

Nevertheless, anyone interested in learning more about Luiz de Basto’ Aston Martin Voyage 55’ motor yacht concept should check out a lengthy article in where de Basto’ talked about how he came up with his design as well as his other passion for both cars and car designs.

Chevy Corvette takes to the water

Are you a Chevy Corvette owner or fan who also loves boats? Ever thought of combining the two? Performance boat manufacturer Marine Technology, Inc. has done just that by using actual parts from a genuine Corvette ZR1 to create the$1.7m ZR48.

Hence, the ZR48 has both the look and feel of a Corvette complete with genuine taillights but its body is made out of lightweight carbon fiber – making the boat as strong as metal but also lightweight (notwithstanding the pair of 1,350 horsepower twin-turbo Mercury Racing engines). It’s a long way from the frugal Greencat, but perhaps a little faster!

Inside the ZR48, the leather and suede interior is complete with six air-conditioned seats, an 8,000 watt sound system, built-in LCD displays with Apple TV and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot plus custom dock and charging station for the Apple iPad. In fact, these entertainment features require a standalone Fischer diesel motor just to power them.

The 48 foot (14.6 meter) monster boat comes with a special display trailer with a matching paint scheme along with 5 TVs and LED display lighting. When the boat is being hauled in transit, it’s situated sideways so that no special highway permits are needed.

Steve Jobs’s unfinished megayacht


Did you know that Steve Jobs was designing his own megayacht around the time of his death? Mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs and picked up by the Luxuo and JamesList blogs, Jobs began developing his own megyacht back in 2009 and it would have been built at the Feadship shipyard in the Netherlands.

Apparently, Jobs did not like normal yacht designs plus he wanted something that would rival any yacht owned by his friend and fellow yachtsman Larry Ellison. Hence and like the Apple iPad or iPhone, Steve Jobs’ planned yacht design was said to be both sleek and minimalist with 40-foot long glass walls.

However and when asked about their Steve Jobs’ yacht project, Feedship was quoted as saying:

“Sometimes, word gets out about one of our yachts. We often build for captains of industry, royalty and other leading individuals. Understandably, our clients value their privacy greatly and consequently we never discuss our owners’ identity. We choose not to comment.”

So would a Steve Jobs megayacht look like an iPad or iPhone on water? We will probably never know for sure. However, Feadship’s Breathe concept, which it unveiled at last year’s Monaco Boat Show, would probably be a good indication. The Breathe concept yacht is intended to imitate forms in nature and is considered to be one of the most radical yacht designs by Feadship to date.